New messages from the whales and dolphins


Our beloved Cetacean families are actively supporting us humans in re-membering our true heritage!

We come from great ancestry, far beyond the small “history” we have been taught.

It’s time to remember our amazing beginnings!

As I “hang” with our Humpback sisters and brothers  in the deep blue Pacific, they have been teaching me how to be more “humane’. How not to get caught up in the tangled fear threads being cast around our beautiful Earth.

They have also shared that the power and wisdom of the human heart has more than enough ability to heal all we need to heal and re-balance, physically, energetically and karmically. So…what are we waiting for? Let’s join our cetacean allies and Mother Earth and re-claim our Planet.

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New Fall class in Telepathic Communication!


The Next Step in Human Evolution:


Interspecies Communication and the Quantum Field:


The imminent new reality!



    Simulcast, Webinar

(phone and web)

  5:00 -6:30 pm PDT, Tuesdays







 5 weeks,  October 16th-November 13th, 2012



First Introductory class, October 16th, is free!



Join Maureen, a world renowned animal communicator, teacher, author and healer in this timely online, simulcast webinar!



Maureen Belle, M.A



A Natural intuitive and telepathic communicator, since a child, Maureen helps others access their own inner voice and ears to listen to the Universal conversation.




  • Are you longing for a deeper, more fulfilling connection to Nature, your pets and your environments?


  • Are you willing to take the Next Step in Human Evolution?


  • Are you feeling the desire to move into your Evolutionary destiny?


  • You will be activating the latent codes of telepathic conversation we all have encoded in our DNA and Quantum selves!




Maureen will help you unlock your unique and amazing quantum connections to your pets, the buildings in which you live, Nature and the Universe beyond!












Awaken your the evolutionary DNA within and join the creative dance of a new human being creation!



Do you want to start the transformation now?




Sign up for this tranformational webinar now and save $40 off the regular price!




Answer the Mythic call to your rich heritage with the Earth and all Species throughout all time and space!





Take a look at what is ahead for you:


Maureen will guide you through 6 simple steps to:

•   Open your inner ears and inner voice,


•   Begin a dialogue with nature, your pets and the environments  you live in!


•   Awaken your physical and energetic fields in alignment with the new planetary energy,


•   Travel through time in the quantum field, to talk with your past selves.


•   Instant manifestation of the Universal Language


•   Activation of your psychic spiritual DNA


•   And much, much, more….




Maureen has so much to share with you and assist you in activating your telepathic abilities and personal Universal language codes for these changing times.





Click here to sign up for the first free class:


Type, October 16 free class, in subject line to register




Here is the link for Paypal:

Get in on the savings of $40 off the regular $220 price. 


Sign up now on for the Special price only $180.00 for this transformational class!


We also accept checks and money orders!



See you in the class circle!





For questions or to send a check or money order:


Client Care: 


White Doe Productions LLC

PO Box 1206

Poway, CA 92074



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Feng Shui Room by Room 

Online series of single classes

 First class July 26th 5-6:15Pm PDT

Front door/main entry

Chi entry into your home or office

Join Maureen, internationally renowned, award winning author of 2 books on Feng Shui and MultiCultural Feng Shui published in 6 countries and 8 languages,

in a series of single, online classes that will teach you how to balance and harmonize your home room by room!

To create a harmonious  and balanced home, it is essential that there is  good energy flow in every room in your house. 

You will learn, with each lesson, in easy to use steps,  from your front door to your kitchen, baths, bedrooms and main living spaces how to create and use these feng shui room-by-room tips to create a harmonious and happy home.

We will start with the front door or main door of your home!

The front door of a house is called

“the mouth of Chi” in feng shui,

as this is how your house absorbs essential Chi, or energy.

In the Class You will learn:

  • Learn to balance, harmonize and celebrate the feng shui of your front door and help your home draw in wealth, health and energetic nourishment for all areas of your life.
  • The front door,  the main door, is extremely important in feng shui. Whether  we are addressing the front door of a home or the front door of a business, a strong and healthy energy flow is essential for a harmonious  and happy home and workspace.
  • In feng shui, the house receives nourishment through the front door, so the stronger, healthier and more balanced the front door is, the stronger and better the quality of energy available for those who live in the house

We are offering these classes for only $20 per class!

You can pick and choose the classes  for the  rooms and areas  you want to focus on to balance and harmonize in your home!

Here is the Paypal link to sign up and pay for 1st class in the Room by Room series:


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Are the dolphins and whales calling you?

Are the dolphins and whales calling to you?

Drastic fee drop to $99

Due to the  financial times I have reduced the cost of this class from $180 to $99. This information is too important to humanity to let  financial stress stop from being disseminated and  embraced.

The cetacean Nation has been holding this energetic information with timeless love and compassion.

I will honor their sacred contract with us.

The class times have changed too the 2nd class will continue June 21st for 4 consecutive weeks.

Join Maureen Belle interspecies communication master and the dolphins and whales

For this timely, 5 week simulcast, webinar phone and web,

Hear the guidance and deep wisdom the dolphins and whales are giving humanity during these changing and turbulent times.

With the recent solar eclipse, Earth moved into alignment with the heart of our Milky Way galaxy! We on this Planet earth are already in the initiatory process of awakening and joining our Galactic family in peace-based and consciously aware Earth communities. We humans are interconnected with all our Earth sisters and brothers in this beautiful and magical dance of co-creation and tranmutation.

The dolphins and whales have been holding this evolving consciousness for us in their bodies and vast compassionate hearts. It is essential that they give this information to help us grow to spiritual maturity and embrace our multi-dimensional, quantum selves.

Maureen has been trained to be a bridge between humans and dolphins since she was a child. In her classes she helps you hear the loving voices from the Sea and connect personally, to our beloved family of dolphins and the great whales our record keepers.

Maureen Belle’s experience, guidance and deep love for the cetaceans, taught me how to connect with them on a soul level.  It has brought me so much joy to connect with these amazing creatures using the universal language.  It is such important work to strengthen our relationship with other species on this planet.  I feel like a new avenue of helping to heal the earth and its creatures has been opened up to me.”

Susan Bass, Ayurveda and yoga specialist

Maureen is a trained shaman, Interspecies Communication Master, with 26 years experience with cetacean guidance and earth wisdom to offer her clients and students.

With the help of the dolphins and whales, Maureen healed her body from stage 4 cancer through interspecies communication with her physical and quantum bodies, cancer drugs and herbal medicines.

“Maureen Belle has given us a gift…something vital and crucial needed in the world today, Inter-species Communication. Her clear approach and teachings, that I have used as a colleague and client, help us achieve the balance needed in our lives and provide a deeper awareness of the problems facing us on a global scale.” 

Gina Giacomini, author of:

The Go-with the Flow Stress & Pain Release Guide: Survival Skills for a Fast-Paced World

Interspecies communication, according to Maureen, embraces all forms of expanded conversation.

Whether talking to the dolphins and whales, tuning into your house using feng shui, or communicating with our pets, plants and Nature, this dialogue is all part of the Universal language. We all have access to this quantum speak, as it is coded within our DNA. The dolphins and whales are masters extraordinaire of multi-dimensional communication.

The fee for the full, 5-week telecourse/webinar is $99

You will receive 2 free dolphin and whale meditations MP3’s for joining the first free class.

To sign up for the first free class email Maureen at:

See you in class,



White Doe Productions LLC.

PO Box 206

Poway, CA 92074


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New classes for summer!

2, full days

Hosted by Casa de Luz, Carlsbad

Interspecies Communication workshops

Interspecies Communication

June 16th, 9-5 pm 2012

Follow up class,

Interspecies Communication 2


July 14th

 Awaken your inborn, deep connections to Nature and the world around you!

with Maureen Belle, MA,

Award winning author, teacher, trained medicine woman and Interspecies Communication Master.

Maureen has been actively communicating and partnering with all of Nature and dolphins and whales since she was a child, in a form she has coined Soul speak.

Maureen believes we all have the ability to talk with our pets, plants, Nature and even our built environments!

She will provide you with practical tools and to start opening a dialogue with every ”one” around you and the material “things” that make up our lives and surrounds.

The dolphins and whales will be our co-teachers!

 “Communicating with, and seeing the world through the eyes of another species is one of the most profound experiences imaginable and a fundamental breakthrough in the belief of separation that has haunted the human species for millennia.

Through Interspecies communication, we can share and exchange information about our collective and individual past, present and future experiences as co –existing, yet autonomous, peoples living on this beautiful Planet”

Maureen Belle

To sign up for class go to:

and click on events calendar for June 16th

See you in Class.



White Doe Productions LLC


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Spring is here!


Image: Associated Press




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I had a convers…



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